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    For anyone that has flown single-pilot at night, you will agree that it is lonely and boring.  Except when in the ice and your soon to be approach is at minimums.  While flying those long routes in the northeast, I attempted to put the science fiction novels down and turn off Art Bell on the ADF.  I fiqured I would put my time to good use, and learn morse code. 

    A good approach check covers navigational aides which must be identified.  But, when you are in the ice and losing speed and alt, and shooting a extremely low IFR approach.  You better be quick.  I found this to be a tool that saves you a little extra time that could be spent somewhere else.  Like figuring out if your window heater is broken or the ice is building to quick.

    This is the first quiz, with many more to come.  Good luck and keep the greasy side down.

1.  Quiz one 

2.  Quiz two

3.  Alphabet

4.  Morse Keyboard-5 WPM--  Check out this neat little program that I just built.

5.  Morse Keyboard - 10 WPM