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   Welcome to the Learjet 35 section.  Here you will some items that you will need to review before you go to sim class.  For more LR35 information, visit the LRJET store.  The LR35 CD offers more information including my "Manual Notes".  Hand crafted notes written on the most important systems on the LR35.  All designed to make sim time a breeze.


M e m o r y  I t e m s



1.   Engine failure during takeoff below V1 / aborted takeoff

2.   Engine failure during takeoff above V1

3.   Engine failure during approach

4.   Engine fire shutdown

5.   Emergency evacuation

6.   Inadvertent thrust reverser deployment below V1

7.   Inadvertent thrust reverser deployment above V1

8.   Cabin altitude warning horn activates

9.   Cabin/Cockpit fire, smoke or fumes

10.  Overspeed recovery

11.  Roll or yaw axis malfunction

12.  Pitch axis malfunction

13.  Emergency braking





W a r n i n g   P a n e l


Click here to view

LR35 Annunciator Panel